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E-Mail, Domain & Hosting

Having your own mail gives your business credibility and flexibility.  

You can choose the aliases for various departments such as support@yourbusinessname.co.za or  info@yourbusinessname.co.za and it gives your client clarity to whom they dealing with.


What is a Domain?  

A domain is like a radio station, and a host is like a radio tower.  You own a station (the domain), and then you pay a radio tower (the web host) to broadcast it to the world.  Without a host, your website will not be accessible to people trying to tune in to your station's programming (your website).

A short, memorable domain name can make the difference between creating a successful web presence and getting lost in cyberspace.  If you not willing to pay the money to register an appropriate domain name, why would consumers think you’d put any effort into creating valuable products or services?

A domain name says you’re forward-thinking and it indicates you part of the digital revolution, it also implies that you up-to-date on emerging technologies.  Whether this is true or not, having your own domain name might just put you ahead of your competitors.  A domain name gives your business its own Identity in Cyberspace.  Domain name gives you the same feeling that you get once you have in your hands the title deed for your newly purchased house.  The sense of ownership is the most vital importance of domain name.

Domain name reveals so much about you and your website, getting the right domain name and get a good first impression.  If you are planning to make your presence felt on the internet, getting a domain name is a starting point.  If your domain name matches your company name, it reinforces your brand making it easier for customers to remember your name.  It will also be easier to win business via word of mouth because customer will remember your name and pass it along to friends.

The importance of domain name:

1.  A domain name builds up your credibility and flexibility

2.  A domain name gives you uniqueness

3.  Brand building with your own domain name

4.  Personalized and multiple e-mail addresses with your own domain name

5.  A domain name lends you portability on the Internet

6.  Search engines give importance to websites with their unique domain names

7.  By having your own domain you can put your blog on it, then you own it and you can sell it when it becomes popular one day

Domain and Hosting It is highly recommended that you too realize the importance of domain name and get  your own  domain name if you are serious about making a mark on the cyberspace.

It also gives you full control by having your own mail.  Your business can always create new mail addresses or remove the inactive ones.   When a new employee joins your company you can easily setup one for him or her.   When an employee leaf the company you have full control over that mail.

Using a free e-mail address does not help your business at all, it show that your company is not professional, it takes away your credibility, customers might think that you not serious, fly-by-night or not properly established.  Big companies server settings are set to block free e-mail addresses

Using free e-mail could position your business as spam and you might lose potential customers.  

Having your own e-mail is important because it makes you and your business more memorable in your customers’ inbox.  It help build your brand and you will never see big branded companies use free e-mail addresses.

Imagine your customers getting an e-mail from alex40911@yahoo.com instead of alex@yourbusinessname.co.za, which one do you think they are most likely to open and respond to.  It is important making the best impression whenever you send e-mail to your customers.

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