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Corporate I.D.

What is your company’s brand identity?  

What does this identity say about your business?  

What image are your projecting to your clients and potential clients?

A strong, unified brand identity is incredibly important for your corporate identity, it can truly make your business shine.

Why Corporate Identity Important Companies with weak corporate identities look fractured, chaotic and irresponsible

Most think that it is only for large organizations with huge marketing departments.  Small to Medium businesses seems that it is not feasible for them and ranked very low on your priority list.

It should not be, a brand identity is very important no matter what the size of the company.  When you build your brand from the start you will find that at some point people will start trust your brand and you secure consistent across your company and will improve your company’s image in the eyes of your customers, your partners and even your staff.

When it comes to your brand the following is important:

Your logo, company colours, mission statement, the tone of your copy, the look and feel of your website and how your company identity immediately tells the world that you are a professional and organized business.  

It conveys a sense of what your organization is about and reinforces your experience and mission statement with every aspect.

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